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Over 900 Bathroom Bath Tubs Offered

And most of these bath tubs are offered as a Soaking Bath, Heated Soaking, Jetted Bathtub - Whirlpool or Air Jets & Combination Whirlpool & Air Bath. That is a lot of baths to choose from! That's why there is a TubzLady. We are a small group of women that are passionate about our bathtubs. We would love to discuss your tub needs and help you find the perfect one. Bonus - we have fantastic sale prices with no tax and free shipping to most states.
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Shopping for the Perfect Bath Tub

Whether a Soak in a Deep Garden Tub or Whirlpool Jets for a Deep Tissue Massage
We have set up our web site to help you find a bath to fit your bathroom and spa needs. It is beneficial to start with Size, Shape or Style (left side links). Once you click on a page, it will list the the bath tubs in order by size - smallest to largest first by length then by width and finally by height. The description will list whether the bath tub is available as a Soaking, Whirlpool, Air or Combination Bath Tub.

Whirlpool, Air Bath, Heated Soaking or Garden Tub?

• Garden Tub
Garden tub refers to a large deep soaking tub. This provides the first step to hydro therapy - soaking in hot water which boosts cardiac output, improves circulation and promotes relaxation.

• Heated Soaking Bath
Just like a garden tub but with an in-line heater. Soak as long as you would like with out a drop in water temperature.

• Air Bath
An air bath uses a blower to push heated air through multiple small air jets in the bottom or lower sides of the bath. The blower works like a giant hair dryer, warming your room temperature air by about 30 degrees and blowing the air into the tub, providing a subtle, bubbly massage.
This adds a 2nd step to hydrotherapy: massaging skin caress.

• Whirlpool Spa
A whirlpool uses a pump to pull water out of the bath then force the water into the tub through the jets. The amount of force depends on the jet design, horsepower of the pump and the amount of air added to the water. Whirlpool provides the strongest hydro therapy: vigorous, concentrated, deep tissue massage.

• Combination Whirlpool & Air Bath
The best of both worlds: choose a deep tissue massage then lay back with the bubbles of an air jets. Both systems can be on at the same time. At least two electrical connections are needed – one for the blower and one for the pump.

Informative Guides:

What to consider when purchasing a bathroom bath tub. We developed these guides to help you sort through the piles of information and options.
Choosing a Bathroom Tub: What size bath? Tile flange, grab bars or drain needed? This article will explore the general options that relate to bath tubs.
Whirlpool Spa: Explore the word of water jets - deep tissue massage.
Air Bath: Air Jets provide a soft tissue massage - a bubbly experience.

Bath Tubs By Style

Rectangle Tub with Armrest

These Soaker, Whirlpool or Air Baths are surrounded by three walls. With the addition of a shower flange, they make perfect baths for tub/shower use.

Oval Free Standing Tub with Flat Rim
Free Standing Tub

These baths can be installed away from the wall, even in the middle of the room. Most are offered as a soaker or air bath but a few offer whirlpool jets

Modern Rectangle Tub with Tile over Rim
Undermount Bath

These flat deck tubs are designed for undermount installations - deck material covers the top rim of the bath, only the inside of the bath is visible.

Alcove Bath with Tub Door Open
Walk-in Baths

Access the bath safely and easily through a walk-in door designed to eliminate stepping-over a traditional bathtub barrier. Walk-in Whirlpools, Air Baths & Soaking Tubs

Modern Rectangle Soaking Bath Tub
2 Person Bath

Whether seated side-by-side or facing each other, these baths are created for two bathers. The above Soaking Bath has two slanting backs and a center - side drain.

Rectangle Undermount Soaking Bath
Heated Soaker Tubs

Soak as long as you would like with out a drop in water temperature.

Oval Free Standing Soaking Bath with Chrome Feet
Cast Iron Claw Foot Bath Tub

Elegant free standing Cast Iron tubs. Immerse yourself in a cozy slipper tub or lounge in a spacious double roll top.

Whirpool, Octagon Shape
Japanese Style Bath

Extra deep baths with seats for upright bathing. Available as jetted tubs (air or whirlpool) or deep soaking tubs


Bathtubs by Shape

Round Bath Tub
Rectangle | Oval | Round | Corner

Choose the perfect shape for your installation. Rectangle baths for 3-wall alcoves or ideal for bath/shower combinations. Choose an oval or round bath for the soft curves and classic symmetry. Corner or triangular tubs provide room for two in a compact area.

Baths by Size

Technical Drawing For Tub Size
5' | 5 1/2' | 6' | 7'

Choose the perfect bathtub by your size requirements. All tubs are listed from smallest to largest. Find your
size whirlpool than see all the tubs we have available in that size.

Bath Tub Manufacturers

Americh | Aquatic Baths | Barclay | Hydro Massage | Hydro Systems | MTI | Neptune
We carry the top manufactures of whirlpools, air baths and soaker tubs.