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Yvette Drop-in Bath

Hydro Systems mission continues to be developing quality whirlpool products at reasonable prices.

Hydro Systems continues to develop new technologies and features to create the ultimate bathing experience. Whether you need to relax from the stresses of today’s hectic world or are overcoming an injury or illness, our unique ability to customize your whirlpool bathtub will guarantee long-lasting enjoyment and user satisfaction.
-Authorized Hydro Systems Dealer-

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Hydro Systems Therapy

Each Hydro Systems Bath is Offered as a Heated Soaking Bath, Air, Whirlpool or Combination Whirlpool
In fact you can mix and match any therapy system. Choose Whirlpool & Air Bath for a luxury spa experience. Add the
Hydro Fusion to a Air Bath for a bubbly air massage in water that won't loose temperature.

Whirlpool Action
Powerful, massaging jets provide a deep, invigorating massage to relax tight muscles, rejuvenate muscular tissue and release the body's natural pain killers.

Air Bath - Thermal Air
Air Bubbles
Wash away stress and fatigue as thousands of tiny heated bubbles engulf your body in a therapeutic massage from the top of your neck to the soles of your feet.
Whirlpool and Air Action
Promote maximum relaxation & allows your body to receive even deeper therapeutic benefits by combining Hydro Systems Whirlpool & Air Bath - Thermal Air therapies.
Heated Bath
Bath Water Stays Hot
Hydro Fusion maintains the ideal bathing temperature. Imagine… endless soaking, endless relaxation, endless hot water, all totally silent and tranquil.

Hydro Systems Whirlpool Features

Hydro Systems Quality Features

1. Quality of Acrylic Sheet and Fiberglass Reinforcement
Hydro Systems uses only the highest quality acrylic. That quality combined with an extra thickness produces a superior product for our customers. Our exclusive resin and Fiberglass structure combined with top quality acrylic make us leaders in heat reflectivity, structural integrity and dimensional stability.

2. Long-lasting, Beautiful Finishes
All Hydro Systems tubs are made of durable, easy to clean acrylic that will never fade, stain, or lose its luster. Our long lasting, high gloss finish requires a minimal amount of care while providing both sound and temperature insulation. Choose from wide spectrum of colors that will make your bathing experience beautiful and relaxing.

3. The Support Platform
Our integrally encapsulated easy level support platform makes installation fast and easy.

4. The Rigid Pipe Construction
Our hygienically safe, self-draining whirlpool systems, constructed of 100% rigid PVC pipe, prevent bacterial growth due to mildew, algae and other germ laden problems.

5. Custom Pump Locations
For your unique spacing requirements, we will custom locate the pump at no additional charge to you.

6. Custom Located, Adjustable, Volume Controllable Jets
Ensure the comfort of your tub by individually locating our fully adjustable, volume controllable jets at no additional charge.

7. Silent Air Controls and Hydro Systems “Soft Touch” Electronic Control Panel
Silent air controls give you the peace and quiet you deserve while relaxing in our whirlpool system. Hydro Systems “Soft Touch” Electronic Control Panel puts the controls right at your fingertips.

8. Over 30 Options Available on Most Hydro Systems Whirlpool Tubs
To make your bathing experience truly personal, we provide you the ability to create romance, relieve stress or soothing therapeutic relief. Shouldn't your bath be as unique as you are?

9. Standard Safety Features
Slip resistant bottoms and anti vortex safety suction covers ensure safety for every member of your family. In addition, we are certified by UL and IAPMO.

Hydro Systems Air Bath - Air Bath - Thermal Air

Thermal Air Air Bath Diagram
The Air Bath - Thermal Air System will delight you with therapeutic benefits such as

- Reduced Stress
- Greater Relaxation
- Improved Circulation
- Muscle & Joint Therapy
- Softer, Cleaner Skin

Wash away stress and fatigue with Hydro Systems Air Bath - Thermal Air System. Thousands of tiny heated bubbles engulf your body in a therapeutic massage from the top of your neck to the soles of your feet. Numerous air outlets placed throughout the lower portion of the bathing well providing an entire body experience that will soothe the body and calm the soul.
Soft Touch control panel puts you in control of your therapy. Whether you desire a high intensity massage to help you prepare for the day ahead, or want the soft soothing feel of bubbles to prepare you for a night’s rest, Hydro Systems is your solution.
“True” variable speed system, you manage the duration, intensity and type of massage you desire. This system also has a standard automatic purge cycle that ensures a sanitary environment after each use.
Heated Air Chanel on Backrest
Heated Back Warmer

A heated back warmer is included on all backrests of Air Bath - Thermal Air tubs.

Hydro Fusion - Heated Soaking or Air Bath

Re-circulating Pump & Heater
Hydro Fusion is a silent heating system designed to maintain the temperature of your water, allowing an endless supply of warm, soothing water. This feature can be added to any soaking or Air Bath - Thermal Air tub.
Advanced All-in-One Control
The pleasures of soaking in hot water have been appreciated for centuries. And now, with the new Hydro Fusion feature from Hydro Systems, it has never been easier to enjoy the benefits of soaking in your own home. Simple and easy to install, Hydro Fusion is a pump and heating system all in one. It transforms virtually any soaking tub into a tranquil place of relaxation offering an endless supply of warm soothing water to prolong your bathing experience. Totally silent operation means no disruption of the bathing environment while the unit maintains the ideal temperature without constantly having to add hot water.
Bathe as Long as You Want
Hydro Fusion automatically senses the presence of water in the tub and activates a standby mode which allows the system to maintain a programmed water temperature. This feature added to any soaking or Air Bath - Thermal Air tub ensures you can get away, regenerate and recondition your spirit. This low voltage circulation heater is designed to operate with virtually no water movement and is operated with one touch of the sensor. Relax and rejuvenate in a warm pool of pleasure that beckons you to settle in for a prolonged stay.

Hydro Systems 99/9 Warranty

Limited Warranty for the Original Purchaser for Personal or Single Household Use
 Products Covered –
This warranty is effective for all Designer Series Hydro Systems Soaking, Air Bath - Thermal Air, Whirlpool and Combination tubs manufactured after September 1st, 2009, and is in lieu of all other warranties.
Warranty Periods for Specific Components & Systems
99 Year Warranty on Combination/Whirlpool/Air Bath - Thermal Air/Tub Shell
Hydro Systems, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of the Combination, Whirlpool, Air Bath - Thermal Air or Soaking Tub that the shell will maintain its structural integrity and configuration and will be free of water loss due to a defect in the tub shell for a period of 99 years from the purchase date. The warranty covers the tub shell against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not apply to any other component or plumbing component, as they are covered under separate warranties.
9 Year Warranty on Equipment, Components & Controls
Hydro Systems, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of the Combination, Whirlpool, Air Bath - Thermal Air or Soaking Tub that the all support equipment, controls and plumbing components (excluding plumbing fittings and piping) for a period of 9 years from the purchase date. Limited labor is covered for the first 3 years of ownership, starting from the date of purchase and not the date of installation.
3 Year Warranty on Plumbing Equipment & Labor
Hydro Systems, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of the Combination, Whirlpool, Air Bath - Thermal Air or Soaking Tub that the plumbing fittings and equipment will not leak water due to defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 3 years from the purchase date. Limited labor for any repair is covered for a period of 3 years for the labor aspect of the warranty only.